Hello and welcome to this site.

If you are here you most likely have heard about the websites we build for Small Businesses, Authors and Internet Marketers. Our sites are built for a purpose and this is something you should think about when you are designing the content for your site.

My name is Mark Buhagiar and I have been in the supporting my clients with their IT requirements for the last twenty one years. Some of my clients have been with me that entire time.

Your site should have a defined purpose, it may be to sell products, it could be to build your profile, to research a market or to support your clients. Additionally each page on your site should also have a desired outcome. You should be aiming to get your clients and prospects to take some sort of action or to gain a deeper understanding as a result of visiting a particular page.

Correctly designed, your website will define the ground rules on how you want to do business. It will be a tool for attracting the right sort of clients into your sales funnel and will clearly define to them, the expectations on how business with you will be done.

As you can see from the buttons around me we have a number of different choices for websites but effectively there are three main varieties plus some niched targeted products we have created to fulfil a particular purpose.

Websites to Grow Your Business

Below the video at the top of this page there are three buttons, “Small Business and Branding”, “Membership Sites” and “Integration and e-commerce”.

Most small businesses will require a small business and branding type of site. You have the choice of choosing well over fifty separate designs or if you like we will build a site specifically to your requirements. As well as being great for small businesses these sites are also excellent for product and service Micro-sites.

Micro-Sites – Profiling Products and Services

A Micro site is a site which focuses onto just one product or service or on to a family of products or services. It allows you to showcase the particular item in a way not possible from within a larger corporate site. It also has the side benefit of being a very keyword rich and a specific targeted landing zone for your advertising.

How To Ensure Your Website is Optimised for the Search Engines

Everybody talks about SEO or Search engine optimisation but not many people understand exactly what is required. The search engines are only interested in one thing and that is a good experience for their clients. The clients are not the people who spend money advertising with them, although this is how they make their money. Their true client is the person using their search engine to find information.
Keeping this in mind you can see why your micro-site would have great SEO characteristics. All the information that you have for that particular product or service would be available within that one website. The search engines would see that site as being very relevant for anybody searching for information regarding that item.
As a result not only will your site rank well in the natural free search but you will actually pay less and be ranked higher when you promote the site using pay per click advertising. Our sites also include specific software to help you achieve a good SEO ranking. This software allows you to define specific titles, descriptions and keywords for every single page on your site. In addition the software will maintain your sitemap and will actively notify all the major search engines that you have added more content or changed content on your site. It is not uncommon for the sites we build to be indexed within an hour of any new content being posted.

Membership Sites – Building Community and Passive Income

For those of you who have active client bases or who are Internet Marketers wanting to make a consistent recurring income stream, then our membership sites are for you. For a business, this is a great way of building a community of clients. Your membership site is a locked area where you will be able to provide your clients with support, extra documentation, forms, training videos and other information. As a business your aim is to get your clients to answer their own questions before they pick up the phone to you. The membership site is a great way to do this because it nurtures them within your private community and goes a long way to replicating the relationship you would build with someone over the phone.


If you are into Internet Marketing and let’s face it we all are to one extent or another, a membership site can be a great money spinner. If you have information that is of value to your prospects or clients, they will be happy to pay a fee for it. Typically with an information based membership site you can charge anywhere from $27 to over $500 per month. Most of them are around the $50 mark but nowadays the price is moving closer to $97 per month. It is not hard to see why this is such an attractive proposition.

If you have an active client base of a thousand people each paying you $97 per month you will have built yourself a passive income steam of well over a million dollars a year. Not bad for a bit of up front work. I have written a book on Membership sites which I recommend you read if you are interested in this subject. It is called “Make Money From Internet Marketing” “A Step by Step Guide to Membership Sites – A Million Dollars on $47 a Month”. You can buy a copy by clicking on the link to the right.


Building Your Website Into Your Business System

Now I know that one of the biggest challenges you face when in business is getting all your systems to talk to each other and avoiding at all costs any double handling of information. Every time we double handle a piece of information we slow down the process and run a significant risk incorrectly transcribing the information. This just leads to a direct loss in profits and unhappy clients.
Our “Integration and e-Commerce” sites are built from the ground up to interface directly with your accounting or business system. Just imagine, when someone buys one of your products at your website, that order is instantly shown in your accounting system. Moreover, a picking slip has been generated and is waiting in the warehouse for your staff to pick and ship the order. Payment will already have been taken and an invoice automatically generated and sent to the client. As a manager you can sit back and just review the numbers of orders coming in.
The information that is already in your accounting or business system is automatically used to build the pages on the site. Change a bit of information on your accounting system and it will dynamically be updated on the web. Each of your products will have its own individual web page which if you have lots of products makes this a search engine field day. As a result these sites have a really good SEO profile.


A system like this is not only the domain of large organisations. A small or medium size business can easily and cost effectively take advantage of these tools to sky rocket their growth and to ease the burden on their staff and themselves. We have clients with as little as 100 and as many as 50,000 products using these systems today. The company with 50,000 products has fewer than ten staff.
Finally on the right of the video you can see we have niched some of our sites to cater for specific functions. Internet marketers will find these of great benefit as they will fit very well within their marketing profiles. But if you are a business you will be amazed what you can do with these sites to promote your business.

TV Channels To Build Profile

Take for example the TV Channel. Why not build one specific for your company. They can be used to introduce your management team, members of each departments can explain how they operate and the optimal way to interact with them. For those people who are camera shy then why not use a PowerPoint presentation with narration over the top. The use of programs like Camtasia allow you to demonstrate your systems to your clients without the need to be anywhere near a camera.
To show off your products why not use the amazing technology available to you from the guys at Animoto. All you need is fifteen to twenty photos and some text and without any technical knowledge you can create the most stunning videos you could imagine. A TV Channel instantly sets you and your organisation up as the experts in the field. This will directly translate to extra sales and additional profit.

Surveying Before Building

If you are thinking of creating a new product then it makes sense to ask your prospects and clients what features and functions they would like to see. You also want to gauge what interest there is in the market place. For a very small investment you can have a survey site up and running within 48 hours. Advertise the site and see what response you get. There would be nothing worse than spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars building a solution that nobody wants.

Authors – Marketing Your Books

Building your profile through writing a book can be an excellent way to drum up business. We have two types of sites to market that book – one for physical books and one for eBooks. We will build all the graphics for you, your banners, book images and bonus images. You just give us the content for each of the pages and we will do the rest.

Easy Editing and Training Videos

All of our sites except for the Integration and e-commerce sites are built on the WordPress Content Management system. Millions of sites around the world use this system and it very well supported. It is also very easy for you to make changes to your site without requiring any technical help whatsoever. If fact we will provide you with video training on how to use your site and how to add pages and make changes. With these tools it will be easy to train your staff to make the changes themselves.

Take Action and Step Your Business Up To the Next Level

In this ever increasing online and connected world it is vitally important that your web business presence be more than just a brochure ware site. As I said at the beginning, your site must have a purpose. It must be an active component of your sales funnel and must be a 24 hour, seven day a week support mechanism for your clients.
Now, once you have had a look through the pages that interest you on this site, I invite you to take action and place your order. Each page outlines the investment required and you have the ability to place your order on the spot. If you want to speak to somebody then please feel free to use the “contact us” button on the top right of this page.
I look forward to working with you in the near future.